Strawberry Hydration Dream, 25 min 

A treatment that boosts the skin with moisture, leaving it refreshed quickly. After a relaxing welcome ritual, the skin is gently exfoliated, followed by a soothing facial massage. A deeply hydrating special mask containing natural hyaluronic acid, strawberry, and rhubarb extract is applied. The skin is left soft, supple, and with a new glow.

Monday – Thursday: SEK 995
Friday – Sunday: SEK 1195


Strawberry Dream Facial, 50 min

When your skin needs a real super moisture boost. This treatment calms, repairs, and deeply moisturizes your skin. The skin is cleansed with a moisture-retaining cleanser, and a gentle double peeling is performed before you enjoy a stimulating facial massage.

Double facial masks are then used to provide the skin with maximum nourishment. Finally, a facial cream with strawberry extract and a natural hyaluronic acid complex is applied for deep hydration. The eye area is treated with a smoothing eye serum, followed by the application of a protective facial cream. Your skin becomes supple with improved volume and elasticity.

Monday – Thursday: SEK 1295
Friday – Sunday: SEK 1495


Strawberry Dream de Luxe, 80 min

A stimulating and polishing sugar scrub initiates this softening, deeply moisturizing, and delightfully fragrant treatment. The scrub is followed by a moisture-boosting body wrap where fragrant strawberries nourish the skin. While the wrap takes effect, a lovely facial treatment is performed with a double-cleansing ritual, gentle peeling, and a relaxing facial massage followed by a super-hydrating and boosting facial mask. The treatment concludes with a delightful strawberry-scented and richly moisturizing effleurage over the entire body.

Pure luxury and pleasure from head to toe!

Monday – Thursday: SEK 1595
Friday – Sunday: SEK 1795