Pre-paid treatment cards

We offer you the option of paying in advance for some of the treatments. Pre-paid treatment cards are personal to you, do not include admission to the spa, and are valid on Mondays-Thursdays for a period of 1 year.

For more information or to buy a pre-paid treatment card, please call +46 8 676 98 00 or email

Classic Massage

A classic, deep massage to soften up stiff muscles and resolve the tension. In consultation with your massage therapist, you will decide which areas you want to be treated. Helpful hint! Massages may be covered by your employer’s healthcare benefits scheme.

3 x 25 min: 1.785 sek
5 x 25 min:  2.975 sek
3 x 50 min: 2.685 sek
5 x 50 min: 4.475 sek 
Admission to the spa can be booked at an additional SEK 195 on Mondays-Thursdays.